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Looking back I was about 14 teen years old when I first became interested In Corvettes. I was at a friends house and he had a burgundy with black interior C2, what a beautiful car. My Love for Corvettes continued to grow, especially when another buddy of mine let me drive his C7 zo6. I was blown away bye that car. It was an unbelievable experience. Now I am a grown man, still with that childhood enthusiasm for the C8! The C8 changed everything for me, I have been very inspired by the body line of this car and It’s overall beauty.

Designing parts for the C8 Corvette is a dream come true. A dream that I am thankful to be able to offer them to other enthusiasts like you! These parts are unique and beautiful. Sure to add character to an already stunning vehicle.

“Our C8 parts are fully custom and guaranteed to turn heads.”

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Welcome to the C8 Parts Store, finely a Corvette that looks exotic and can actually be enhanced to look more the part. We will strive to bring unique products to the market that make this car more bold and aggressive while keeping it In good taste.

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